Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Guess what my thesis supervisor enjoyed reading my latest version of my thesis and told me I could send this version to my second reader!!! He said that I could be able to add maybe another article, 'cause I still have the time, but that it's not at all necessary 'cause he thinks it's more than okay already the way it is right now. Woohoo! I'll read everything again tomorrow 'cause according to him there were still some grammar mistakes, little things like that. But I'm done! I'm DONE!! It's really official. So happy. Such a relief. It's good to be me, at least for now :D

So I went to Rialto a cinema in Amsterdam to watch Unspoken by director Fien Troch. She's Flemish but the title of the film is in English and the film is entirely in French even with French actors such as Emmanuelle Devos. Previously her films were in Flemish but this one she did in French. I read an interview with her in which she explains why this one is in French, but right now I can't remember her reasons. Anyway, about the film. It's style is so well chosen. It's like one long close-up, because almost everything is in close-up and it fits the story so well. As a spectator you feel so involved. You really can't escape and are forced to undergo this grieving of the characters with them. I found it a very beautiful piece. Very consistent in style. After the lights went on and the film was finished some of the other people in the cinema were telling each other how bad they thought the movie was which really doesn't make any sense to me. I can see what they didn't like, but that doesn't mean the movie is bad. Don't ever say that, 'cause it isn't. It's the complete opposite. It's a very effective film which the slow pace of the film and its many silences only contributes to. I find it very extraordinary how I myself aren't bothered by such things at all while other people are. I liked every second of this film. It's so strong. And seriously who wouldn't want to look at Emmanuelle Devos's face in close-up for minutes! She's got such an amazing look, so unique. If I were to make a movie right now she would be in it, no doubt. And I'm so proud for the way this film ended. Sometimes you experience a moment in a film that makes you think, if the movie would end right now it would be perfect. But then it continues. And sometimes the actual ending ends up worse than the moment I would have liked to see the film end. Here I also had one of those moments. But Troch did it. She ended it the moment I felt it would be great to end it. I said to myself if this film ends right now Troch will offically be on my list of favourite directors. Well she ended it exactly at that moment I felt the film would have it's perfect ending. So she made it on the list. I'll definitely keep an eye out to see what she comes up with next. So glad I went to see it.

I'm searching for omens all the time, all the Alchemist's fault!! My hopeful side apparently wants to believe

Oh and here's a picture of Emma Watson at that rainy premiere of hers for the latest Harry Potter installment. I didn't know she was already 19! So I don't at all have to feel bad for posting pictures of her. I mean, I thought she was still something like 17! She's a grown-up! At least for Dutch standards. I got nothing to worry about :)

I should re-fresh my Harry Potter memory though. I'd better start reading them books again!

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