Thursday, 9 July 2009


I'm about to get a cold I'm feeling it :( It's summer for {%$#$&*(&*&*(!'s sake!

I just watched the new Beyoncé video. Stereogum was posting about it so I thought let's check it out. It's hilarious. It's so awful and super cheesy. But I like her for it 'cause I know she doesn't take things too seriously and this is just her entertaining her fans. She does deliver. She does exactly what people expect from her. I bet her fans love it and this will make for a hundred more of those videos of fans doing their own version. The part at the end is the best. She's pretending to be a golden robot or something and her chest... can't explain. Just watch it! :) But be prepared for a big glittery mess :D You might want to put on some sunglasses. Or perhaps these things:

You have to click this link to watch it though, cant embed it:

B's new vid

By the way do you know her remix album or whatever it is is called 'Above And Beyoncé'!! Normally someone would go and say, naaaaah, that's way too easy. But she just goes with it. Doesn't care. Brilliant

I keep thinking it's Friday but it's not...
I keep wondering if things are omens and whether I've come across some of them in the past. Maybe it's better not to ever come near a Paulo Coelho novel again. he messes up my mind!!!

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