Sunday, 12 July 2009


Yesterday I went to the North Sea Jazz Festival with my parents and brother. I was a bit tired, but slept in the car. I was wearing my Dr. Martens boots and fortunately my feet didn't start to hurt. I expected to go by train, but we went by car which turned out alright and the walk from our parking spot to the event took much less time than I expected. The atmosphere was nice. It was crowded, but not too crowded. It was pretty warm but I was wearing a tanktop and shirt so I didn't end up soaked. So far so good. After checking out all the different spaces of the building I drank a mixed fruit juice. It tasted nice and even told my brother they should have put more juice in my cup. Now I regret saying that. 'Cause a couple of minutes later I started to not feel so well. That feeling did not go away. So from something like 7pm until the end of the festival I was feeling aweful. My stomach kept screaming 'I'm about to throw up!'. I didn't, not until having left the festival, but I had the feeling I could throw up any second. So even though the music was nice I couldn't enjoy any of it. When we left the place and walked back to the car I finally threw up on the street. I felt so relieved. I just wanted to get that sickness out. It's strange how exactly the same happened to me around this time last year. Only then I was doing my interrail trip and I was in Rome. Having bought some fruit outside on the street shortly after eating it I started to throw up and did so many times. I was throwing up at every corner and left traces of me everywhere around the city. It was aweful and seemed like forever. I thought the sickness was never going to pass. This time I only threw up once, but the time prior to that moment took ages. So for hours I was feeling sick and thought I was going to throw up when I didn't. Of course I didn't want to ruin the party so during Amos Lee's performance, my mum loves the guy, I decided to go and sit down somewhere in the back. I could not manage to stand any longer. So it was a bit of a nightmare to be honest and I was glad when we finally went home. I'll never, NEVER, buy any fruit or fruit juice again when out on the street or at some kind of festival. Maybe I have an allergic reaction to one one of the fruits, but something tells me it's just the combination of fruit and warmth that causes me to feel so sick.

Before feeling sick I couldn't help thinking about how much I want to go to Lowlands. I should have just bought myself a ticket and then over time I would have figured out how to get there and where to stay. I guess if I knew someone who wanted to go to Lowlands as much as me I would have ended up buying a ticket. Then I would have had someone to camp out with at the event. Just the prospect of having to do that all by myself put some doubts in my head. Now I just wished I had not cared about all that. I should have just went. :(
Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, Metric, Bon Iver, Beirut, Patrick Wolf... they all going to be there and I won't. I'll have myself a weeping party

During the few moments I did feel a bit better I took these pictures

P.S. Mr. Wolf and Phoenix I'm sorry for not having bought a physical copy of your albums yet. I will. Promise!

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