Sunday, 19 July 2009


It was SOOOO good, well at least the second half of it. Bad thing is they kept us waiting like one hour and a half. They were supposed to start at 9pm, but started at 10!! Of course I don't mind having to wait when you get a killer show in return, but still it's not really polite. And especially when you're all by yourself the waiting can seem even longer. As always I complain a bit about people not dancing. I have to do so here again. What is it with these kids?! I wasn't even standing that far away from the stage. So I was thinking, okay, right here where I'm standing right now people will probably still dance. And because these four guys and one girl in front of me where dancing a bit on the music that was playing before Crystal Castles began I expected them to go really wild once Crystal Castles would start. I couldn't be more wrong. They were just standing doing nothing. And this big guy next to me the same. So after two songs I was like, F%ck it, I won't let these people ruin my night. I want to be surrounded by people who dance. So I said goodbye to my spot and walked past those four guys and one girl to join other people who were a bit more into it and who went into screaming when they started playing one of their favourite songs. Fortunately, yes, fortunately, people started to mosh and the second time it happened I got caught up in it so all of a sudden I was like, to the frooooooooooooooooont!!! Moshpits are my saviors, really. Some people really dont like 'em, but so far for me they've only brought me good things. Just make your way to the first row through that pile of people who are jumping and pushing you from right to left. Everytime I find myself in the middle of a moshpit I wonder how I survive it so easily. You would expect, especially with my height, to get hit by elbows at least 12 times. But no, only happened once, and that was an almost hit. But before I knew it I was standing all the way at the front and I went CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYY I should have been there from the beginning. I mean, a kid like me deserves it. Me and all those other front row jumpers and dancers we add so much to the gig, we should be awarded with a front row spot each time we attend a concert. So I was very happy to be standing there front row, finally among people who get me. I finally was able to enjoy the show completely. My hair was a mess and I was so sweaty I decided to strip down and take off my shirt though keeping my grey tanktop on. I'll soon cut my hair a bit, cause I must say the hair gets a bit annoying when it's constantly in my face :)) From the moment I was a front rower I had a blast. I should have been there from the beginning. I don't know what I was thinking not standing front row from the start. I always stand front row. And especially at the beginning it was such a cool sight. It was completely dark and they only had these flashes of light. The music was already playing but you couldn't see a thing. Only light flashes. So cool. It was so special. Alice Glass, one half of Crystal Castles and the girl who sings on all the tracks, she had this spotlight which she held in direction of the crowd. This girl is sick. I love her. And it seems to me it's just a natural thing. She seems to be completely drunk and on drugs but I think it's just her natural self. I mean, I must be looking like I'm on drugs and completely wasted when I'm out there front row and I didn't even have a sip of orange juice. I must say that sometimes when I find myself around people who don't dance or just a little, I start to wonder if I kind of lost it. My ability to go completely crazy. To be so caught up in the music. 'Cause before I was standing front row tonight I just felt I couldn't get completely into it. Partly because I didnt have much space. Once you find yourself around people who are really into it and are moving continuously you start to have enough space to let yourself go completely. And that's the most fun. So tonight I proofed myself that I can still do it. This was one of the best gigs this year, at least from the moment I was a front rower which means I need to see them again. When that day comes I will be standing front row from the start! :D
Tomorrow I'll be buying those tickets to see Metronomy. I won't be going on holiday anytime soon. Or at least not for another week. So next Sunday Metronomy it is!! And I'll make sure I'll be front row from the start :p

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