Monday, 21 December 2009


I don't usually post trailers 'cause I like to go into a movie without knowing what the story is about. And because there might be others who feel the same way I won't go posting trailers which can be a real tease. But for Nothing Personal I'm making an exception 'cause I'll do anything to get this film to be seen! Of course you decide yourself to watch a trailer or not but when it's there right in front of you and the only thing you have to do is click on it so it's starts playing it can be tough to resist. But because Nothing Personal probably isn't very well known and might not even play in some countries I thought I post the trailer just to support it and give it some attention. I really enjoyed this film. One of the best releases of this year that I saw, if not the best

NOTHING PERSONAL TRAILER from charlieendean on Vimeo.

This trailer doesn't really give you a good perception of what the film is like though :) It doesn't reveal that much actually

This is what my city looks like with lots and lots of snow

For more go here

I'm so tired right now, it takes ages to get all those pictures up. I need my bed

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