Thursday, 17 December 2009


Done taking pictures, at least for now. Had a very nice walk, but a cold one! Felt as if my knees were freezing and I was wearing a normal pair of jeans! Been listening to Yeasayer's Odd Blood, Cocteau Twins' Victorialand and The Antler's Hospice. Perfect for the kind of scenery I found myself in. I'll soon add the pictures to my Visual Diary that I started some days ago. By the way, even though the amount of pictures I take have increased tremendously in comparison with last year I don't take as many pictures as I did on Sunday the 13th every single day of the week. That day I walked a special route with my photography workshop group, so that explains why I took tons of pictures that day on different locations.

I love this editorial. Some of the pictures look so simple. If you place your models correctly and put clothes on them that fit with the setting you should get some good compositions. These are photographed by Andrea Gandini. Thanks to The Fashionisto.

The first picture is my favourite, though number two is really nice as well

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