Friday, 11 December 2009


I feel like smoking water pipes and growing my hair long

Can't wait until March 20th!!

This one's way more danceable than All Hour Cymbals. It's a psychedelic, disco, funk mix. Lots of synths, very catchy overall, like all my favourite types of fruits stirred up into a smoothie. Opener The Children is amazing and sounds like Madder Red will be a favourite. Fresh and bold. I love it.

Rome and especially Mondegreen are trippyyyyyy

It's such a party album. This is exactly what I wanted from them. Sometimes you wish certain singers would lend their voices to more upbeat danceable tracks, cause you know what a blast that would be, and I feel Yeasayer have done that.

Now going to bed and tomorrow we'll have another listen. Sweeeeet dreamssss

I have a feeling I'll wake up real early :D

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