Wednesday, 24 March 2010


This afternoon I went to De Hallen which is this small museum in my town and whoa is it good!! I'm so surprised. It's silly I'd never been there before. But now I got this special pass I can visit De Hallen for free so there's nothing holding me back anymore. Currently the exhibition consists of work by Daniel Roth, Navid Nuur and Jakup Ferri, all three show realy nice work. After my somewhat dissapointing visit of De Appel in Amsterdam my visit today of De Hallen was a very welcome experience!

I took these pictures myself

Navid Nuur

Jakup Ferri

Daniel Roth

I plan on finally seeing The Road tonight at a cinema in Amsterdam

On March 29 it will be exactly a year since I started saving images on my computer that I find on the internet. Right now my collection is something over 8500. Most of these images are from fashion editorials found through sites such as, The Fashionisto, The Fashion Spot, Fashion Gone Rogue, Fotografi, COÛTE QUE COÛTE,,, Jak & Jil, The Sartorialist, The Facehunter or just plain Google. Most of the time I hardly take a good look at these pictures when I save them. I know what I look for and what I like so when I see something I like I just save it and immediately move on to the next picture. Every now and then I scan through them and stumble upon pictures I never even knew I had. They're great for inspiration whether on my own way of dressing myself, my hair style (yes, I'm far from original ;-)) or for something like a drawing, ink painting or collage. I wish I had all these images printed out! Here is just a random selection of some images that I saved over the months.

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