Friday, 12 March 2010


Tomorrow we're going on an excursion, I'm excited about it, last time was great fun so I expect nothing less this time either! It's been a hectic and busy week, tired and still can't keep away from Chat Roulette even though I start disliking the site!

Last week we had another evaluation and this is what my presentation looked like. You can't really tell from the pictures, but I build this space using white sheets to make it look like a kind of small art gallery featuring the pieces I made these last couple of weeks. I had a 'good' by the way, which is the highest you can get, it's going well! ;)

You NEED to see this video for Rodarte. Model Guinevere van Seenus is perfect in this. The look in her eyes so powerful, wow, love her!

Karina Hartkevica shot by Anne-Constance Frenoy

Via Fashion Gone Rogue

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Hernâni Gomes said...

I like your work, even when that messy ehehehe