Monday, 31 May 2010


It's another rainy morning, which I like, so much better than a sunny day. Makes me feel calm and safe. Like you can hide yourself in the gloomy air. Yesterday I had a wonderful evening seeing Joanna Newsom perform with her band as well as Mr. Roy Harper who had the pleasure of opening the night with his brilliant guitar playing and storytelling way of singing, took the audience into his wonderful world of stories about war, the sun and the moon, and he and his woman. Mr. Harper looks like such a kind, warm, gentle person. A very charming man and I loved his facial expressions. You can see he plays with love and is passionate about his art. Joanna and her band were wonderful as well. Joanna seems very free spirited and came on stage with such enthusiasm. Like Mr. Harper she too plays with so much love and devotion. I loved how when just after she appeared and she finished her last sentence she immediately and quite unexpectedly started her first song of the evening which left me with no time to inhale another fresh breath of air before the start of the song. So the entire song my mouth was left open astonished by the beauty that had all of a sudden filled the space. It was truly magical and very very special. The band added so much, giving it a kind of theatrical feel sometimes sounding almost like those old radio plays you used to hear on the radio where a story is being told and sound comes in to enrich the words. Each song started with just Joanna on harp or piano and then as the song progressed ('cause you know, most of her songs are pretty long, like a journey) the other instruments joined in and brought the song even more to life. But I really loved how they kept the songs dynamic, going from parts with lots of instruments to quieter moments with just Joanna and the harp/piano. I also loved how during some songs three of the musicians used their hands to make clapping sounds and to me the banjo is always a welcome addition. Nothing but love for the banjo! ;) It was unlike any other concerts I've been to, 'cause usually I stand and look up at the stage whereas now I was seated with the result that the stage was on eye level, making for a competely different perception from what I'm used to. The sound was perfect, so clear, flawless. And you could notice people sitting in awe and some carefully drying those tears running down their cheeks. I'm now looking forward to seeing Jónsi even more. I've heard a lot of great things about him as well so on Thursday I'm in for another night full of magic. And its not even my birthday

No pictures from the concert. I think you weren't allowed to or maybe not allowed to flash, but this was so special I didn't want to ruin anything for the people sitting next to me by taking pictures all the time and making clicking camera sounds. So here's a non-related image instead ;)

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