Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Breakfast On Pluto, It's a rather depressing film event hough it centers around such a colourful character. I didn't love it immensily, though it did grab my attention and managed to keep it until the end. Plus it comes with some pretty nice dialogue and soundtrack. And have I mentioned before that I love love loveeee Cillian Murphy, even more now that I've seen this film! He's an actor I really appreciate because judging from the characters he plays and directors he works with you can see he's really in it for the love of cinema and not just for fame and fortune. He's like Gael García Bernal, actors with good looks who could easily become teenage heartthrobs and nothing else, but who keep showing up in films and roles in which they show their awesome range and acting skills. I've seen him in quite a lot of films already actually: Sunshine, The Dark Knight, Cold Mountain, Girl With A Pearl Earring, The Wind That Shakes The Barley and bits and pieces from 28 Days Later... So here's an interview with Mr. Murphy and his georgeous eyes. Love his, 'cause at times they seem more freaky-ish than pretty :D And I'm not exactly one that goes for pretty, I like pretty with a twist

Tonight jj + Beach House! :P

Someone recorded some of the songs from last night's The Antlers gig, like this one of Bear

Thanks to likeahurricane69

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