Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Only some hours before I leave to Lille. Early morning tomorrow, like 6 hours in the bus, but it's OK, I'm tired from working so perhaps I'll fall asleep. Secretely I hope of course that I'll be sitting next to an interesting person preferably someone of my own age. Fingers crossed. But those kind of thing seemed to never happen to me. I always sit right next to some old dude and we talk, but it's not the same you know, there's no future friendship there, unless the old guy must be reaaaaaly interesting and kind or something. But you can imagine I prefer someone younger. Well, won't be posting for a while, will be missing all the updates from the sites I visit daily, but I'll deal. When I arrive on Monday I have to probably go straight to work so basically I'm returning here on Tuesday, 'cause after work I'll jump straight into bed :)

For now I'll leave you with this drawing


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