Saturday, 29 May 2010


I'm here at my parents' place after quite an emotional day. I did my performance and it went well exactly the way I wanted it to go. But I felt a bit afraid before it was my turn, knowing that it would be very confronting and I would feel very vulnerable. My performance was about something that's very personal and has been frustrating me a lot lately so it was very connected to my feelings and emotions. Didn't cry, but felt like crying all day, also because of some of the other performances by my fellow classmates. So overall I feel like a bit of a mess emotionally, a bit of a wreck, but I manage to make myself appear perfectly fine as usual. Which was another thing that really bothered me while being at school. I feel so much like showing how I feel, but it's like there's a lock on that part of me that holds all of those feelings and I don't know how to open it

My performance was recorded by one of my fellow classmates so maybe, if I approve, I'll post it here for everyone to see, including complete strangers. But I'll definitely show it to everyone I know so don't worry ;) I think it's a good way to get to know me a little bit better or it might at least give you a glimpse of what goes on in that head of mine :P And A LOT goes on in that head of mine

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Yesterday I had a very nice day by the way so it's not all frustration and crying in trains on the way back home all the time! ;)

The Smiths have been on repeat on my Ipod the last couple of days. I'm apparently in need of a good Morrissey boost. His voice gives me comfort and it's comfort I need

Love you Mr. Morrissey

Tomorrow evening I'll be seeing Joanna Newsom :D and she will create a sonic womb just for me to crawl into and feel safe

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Hernâni Gomes said...

what´s going on?

Moz is a comforting voce