Friday, 21 May 2010


The night Marion and I went out dancing she decided I could use some eyeliner :D so that's how I all of a sudden joined the eyeliner or 'guy'-liner club! Well, there isn't a club, as least not as far as I know, but let's just pretend there is. So now I'm an eyeline bitch like Jared Leto, Kurt Cobain, Gael Garcia Bernal, Johnny Depp (when he's Mr. Jack pirate), Devendra Banhart, Brandon Flowers and all those other rock/punk dudes! :P

Yesterday I bought my own eyeliner pencil and of course after I paid at the checkout the woman who handed me my pencil threw a rather bewildered look at me :P

Seems it works best when you look a bit spaced out or make crazy faces, you don't want to end up like a pretty girl you know ;)

I got really bad skin :(

Nope I did not lose my mind :D

More pictures from Lille and Bruxelles. Some taken by me, some by Marion

This day has only just begun but I already can't wait what tomorrow's gonna bring

Joanna Newsom OUI ou NON?

By Simon Bøcker Mørch

For more go here
His blog features a lot of pictures of 15 year old model sensation Sylvester Ulv. Kid's got major style

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