Sunday, 2 May 2010


Here's the trailer for Xavier Dolan's new film Les Amours Imaginaires (!!!) yes he already finished another one!!! As if J'Ai Tué Ma Mère wasn't enough already. I'm not going to watch the trailer of course, don't dare to even click the play button. I'm just posting it so you know that I'm highly aware of the fact that Mr. Dolan has made another film and to prevent you from telling me something like:

You: 'Danilo, have you seen the trailer for the new film of the guy who did J'Ai Tué Ma Mère?'
Danilo: 'Huh, what? There's a trailer already?'
You: 'Yeah, there is, it's about this guy who... and who... and it looks like... and even better than... and...'

NOOOOOOOOOOO NOT GONNA HAPPEN. I don't want ANY information about this film. I'll get the information once I actually watch the film, which is the way things should be. So if you decide to have a look at the trailer don't tell me anything about it, unless you just tell me it looks pretty, but please not go into any details about the story or why it looks pretty if you think it does, OKAY?? :P

Some new pictures by Hedi


Tell me High Violet, are you the best album ever?

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