Saturday, 23 January 2010


It's going well at school. Maybe a bit too well?! We started a new course today which we will have for 6 weeks, meaning also a new teacher. And I noticed that she started to become enthusiastic about me and became really interested in what I had to say. We had to make this big collage which had to originate from a word of a poem called 'Voyelles' by Arthur Rimbaud. Seriously, this guy has been following me all week!!! It's like someone wants to tell me something. 'Cause I started talking to this guy via and two of his favourite artists are Pasolini and Rimbaud. I never saw a Pasolini film, always was a bit reluctant, but this week I finally watched Teorema and loved it, especially Pasolini's way to convey a message by really making use of the medium film, the impact images might have. Main character is played by Terence Stamp who, to my great surprise, used to be a very handsome young man. I recently watched this film called Ma Femma Est Une Actrice and in this film Charlotte Gainsbourg's character is starring in a film with Mr. Stamp who plays himself. And all the women on the set talk about how attractive he is. But to me he just looks really old. I can not see the appeal. So I was surprised how vital he looked when he was young. Such a difference. I guess the guy just aged very badly. Anyway, Stamp's character in Teorema is reading a book and the book he's reading is by none other than Mr. Rimbaud! So when they handed out the poem for us to work with this morning and I read his name at the top of the paper, I thought, of course. Who else could it have been?! Don't know what this means though. But I'll definitely read some more of his poems! :D I have his work in French. But after we had been working a while, we took a break to have a look at each other's work and give each other advice on how to continue, where to go next. So, as usual, I had something to say about every work and it seemed my teacher liked what I said so she kept looking at me every time we got to the next piece, like she expected me to have a nice idea about every work. Which was actually the case. 'Cause I had a lot of ideas. Apart from me there are a couple of others who also speak a lot and take part in the discussion, but I clearly stand out. This is still something that's very new to me 'cause at university, during seminars, there have been many times that I did not say one single word! I guess you can say that I'm just way more interested in what happens here than what happened during my seminars at uni. So it's been going well, which is good. BUT, I start to become a bit confused. Will I choose photography at the end OR will I just go for fine art, meaning drawing, illustration, making things like collages, very 3D. Our teacher showed some of us collages on a website that were made by what I think were first year students. And for the first time I actually realized that I can do this. I now understand why last week at the evaluation they told me I could do other things as well and not just photography. I used to think that the things I made weren't real pieces of art. And well, I guess they're still not really, but I can see how they can become real pieces. Those you would actually find at a museum. I'm starting to believe that I can actually do that. I never imagined me as an 'artist', the idea is still strange to me. But whereas some months ago I didn't see any real potential, right now I do start to actually see some and I feel I should really give it a shot! I feel I start to kind of fit in and things start to make sense to me. It's definitely not about who makes the most beautiful looking things. It doesn't mean that much if you're real good at drawing. It's nice if you're able to draw really nice faces or something, but that's not what this school is for. They will not teach you how to draw a pretty face. They teach you how to use your creativity, how to get to an idea. How to find meaning in your work. How to get inspired. They try to get you to grow not only meaning you should try out new things, experience with styles or material you didn't know and discover which elements you can absorb into your own style, but also just how an idea for a piece of work grows and is able to become something that almost evolves beyond yourself, something you didn't even think you were able to make and you did not imagine making when you started to create it.

Well, that's enough for now :D

WAIT the incredible Lina Scheynius and my favourite girl Darya teamed up to create some beautiful images?! Someone sent me a tiny piece of HEAVEN

This recent editorial is one of the best you'll find. Look at them colours! Perfectly staged making the girls look very iconic. Shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin and styled by French Vogue editor in chief Carine Roitfeld. Both stand for true quality. You can see the years of experience. Almost look like paintings.

Featuring some of my favourite models: Daria Werbowy, Dree Hemingway, Lara Stone (her mouth! Mmmmmm) and Freja Beha Erichsen ;)

Thanks to Fashion Gone Rogue for all the pictures

I've just watched this funny little film called Art School Confidential. I thought, why not have a look since I'm an upcoming full time art student and all :D It's full of clichés and stereotypes that I now can easily point out :D I wonder if I would have enjoyed this film as much as I do now if I had seen it before I started my preparatory year.
John Malkovich is a living legend by the way, how can you NOT love him.

And yesterday I watched De Battre Mon Coeur S'est Arrêté starring the truly great Romain Duris. I've only seen two films with him in it, this one and Exils, but I absolutely adore the guy. Such a quality actor. I love it when actors pour their all into a role. It's amazing how in this film he can be this charming, witty gentleman while also being a complete jerk and waster. He definitely had his heart in the right place.

The Clash are a weird band, aren't they? I mean having songs like London Calling, but also Revolution Rock and Train In Vain! Talking 'bout eclectic

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