Friday, 8 January 2010


I'm happy to go back to school tomorrow! I've missed it

Warpaint was one of my best discoveries last year joining Dead Man's Bones and Japandroids. They've made a new video for their song Elephants

After multiple listens I'm really enjoying the new Vampire Weekend album, a bit unexpected as I did not LOVE Horchata, though Cousins I instantly loved. But my interest died a little, especially knowing they're such a hyped band I too started to wonder if they could still live up to it. Don't know about that, but I certainly enjoy their new record. Stand out is the song Run, but let Diplomat's Son and I Think UR A Contra grow on you and in time you'll start liking those too. It's not often I come across an album of which the second half seems to be much nicer than the first, but that seems to be the case with this one. It's usually the other way round.

Here they play Run live

And a video for one of the most fun songs from Merriweather Post Pavilion

As always very fun and colourful

Thanks Stereogum!

The Fall Be Kind EP is so GOOD tooooooo

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