Tuesday, 26 January 2010


One film I've been quite curious and excited about is Sam Taylor-Wood's Nowhere Boy. Good news is that it will be playing at a cinema in Amsterdam, the one I always go to on Sundays, from April 1st! I assume this is not a joke

Not exactly sure why I'm so drawn to this little film. Perhaps because of this scene from this short by miss Taylor-Wood called Love You More which I found on YouTube a while ago

The film apparently is about John Lennon and features the wonderful Kristin Scott Thomas (I think I've seen her more in French speaking films than in English ones) as well as up and coming actor Aaron Johnson who might hit the big time once another film he stars in called Kick-Ass will be released. However, it is said he and miss Taylor-Wood are dating and they might even expect their first child (!) Hope this doesn't get in the way of both their careers, especially because of the age difference

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