Thursday, 7 January 2010


In a way I feel I already celebrated my birthday 'cause nothing can top that perfect Saturday night I had in Paris. Most fun I had in a loooooong time

We were being so random checking out boys and girls, just having fun. The place was called The Frog And The Princess and they brew their own types of beer. At first it was so packed, we were standing at the bar, no room to dance a bit, but as expected we created our own little dancefloor and had a blast. So I'm alright knowing that my birthday will never be that way, not unless I would have these kind of friends around. I don't understand why I always still hold such high expectations for it though.

For more pictures go here

I'm having lunch with my parents 'cause they're taking the afternoon off especially for me :)
They're way too kind

Look my age already changed

I'm offically 23 ;)
Better get used to it

Ooooo I look pretty cool

For most of the time I'm the one taking the pictures, so at times I had to pass it on to friends, else there wouldn't be any pictures of me and it would have looked like as if I was never there!