Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Last night was lovely. Nice audience, good atmosphere and Fanfarlo playing wonderfully. I love Simon's voice and at times he does really remind me of Alec Ounsworth. If only I could hear that guy sing live, that would be great! Cathy Lucas, the only woman in the band looked adorable. They all dressed up pretty nicely, very colourful. I especially liked the socks. Good to know I'm not the only one wearing them that way sometimes :) See, I'm not that crazy as some of you might think! I overheard someone saying that they must have come from the fashion show that was happening downstairs. This was the first time, by the way, I had to enter from a door on the right side of the building instead of the main entrance. I guess that fashion show was a pretty big thing. I had listened to their album Reservoir a couple of times before going. I remember at first being a bit hesitant. I had only watched their video for The Walls Are Coming Down, and true, that one sounds like a Beirut song. I can't help thinking about Elephant Gun when I hear it. But it's not a bad thing really. However, the rest of the album is more Arcade Fire-ish at times, with Simon sounding like Mr. Ounsworth especially when he sings the lines 'See you at the Surrey Roundabout, standing in the street' and 'But we can still afford to not make sense at all' from the song Drowning Men. So people should stop comparing them to Mr. Zach Condon & Co. 'cause the two are very different. Sometimes I really like to see a band like Wolf Parade or Bloc Party where you jump and go wild and there are times I prefer seeing a band like Bon Iver. Fanfarlo fits nicely in the middle. They're very pop and make happy upbeat songs, but without being too happy :) Sometimes they come with a good portion of guitar that makes you bounce your head as if you're at a rock concert and almost has you jumping, while most of the time you just stand moving nicely, swaying a bit from left to right. I have to applaud the audience for being so cool. People were moving with me, it wasn't a waiting for the bus to arrive kind of audience, thankfully! Sometimes I worry a bit that that might be the case especially when the gig is upstairs in the small room, instead of downstairs in the big one. 'Cause you notice it way more with a small audience than a big one. But last night was perfectly balanced. I enjoyed it lots. Would have liked to have someone with me instead of it just being me and my camera. Hopefully next time! :) You should check out their album if you haven't done so yet, 'cause it's really good!

Some of the pictures turned out much too dark 'cause I didn't use the right shutter speed :( But thankfully I've been able to safe some of the pictures by doing some post-production! Better luck next time ;)

For other pictures from recent gigs I went to visit this Flickr account of mine

This guy with YouTube account Fransle38 already uploaded some YouTube videos of last night! Things like this go fast in the times we live in...

I'm posting the videos of my three favourite songs

I'm A Pilot

Drowning Men


I've quickly fallen in love with Stornoway. Here's their video for Zorbing, love Brian Briggs' voice

It's very low-budget :D Verrrrrrrrrryyy

I feel like doing nothing today and I'm perfectly fine with that

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