Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Finally I saw it!!! :DD And I love it! Just how I imagined it to be! And I had to laugh so many times, those wild things are sooo funny, especially Alexander! And the music, whooooo! I had heard the soundtrack by Karen O before seeing the movie so I already knew it, but seeing it together with the images was even better. Fitted so well with the scenes. It's a good example of a film that knows how to put music to great use. And that scene near the end, almost brought me to tears. Bittersweet. And the last shot, perfect. Perfect. Just how I like it. And the opening scene, they freeze and show the title. Brilliant. And the camera moves so fast when they run, and the light at the beach and in the forrest. And the great set. I felt so sorry for Max. I feel like I'm still him sometimes but then at age 23. Life can be said and so much you can't and will probably never fully understand. By the way, Mark Ruffalo, I did not recognize you!

Featurette with Carter Burwell talking about the score for the film

Beach House performing Zebra on Jimmy Fallon

Very nice performance, love their voices

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