Monday, 18 January 2010


I've been home now for some minutes after having had a very enjoyable night out. It's good to know that I have a great friend living this close to me :)

Awards Daily is my homepage so after turning on my laptop and going onto the internet I stumbled upon this great video on YouTube from the Golden Globes last night. They presented a special award to Martin Scorsese and at the end of this video you find the very touching speech he gave. Note to self: see more of his films!

Be aware though, that in the middle after the sequence of clips from the film he made comes a clip, or perhaps it's the entire trailer, I don't know 'cause I have been trying to avoid it and so far it's been going well, of his latest piece titled Shutter Island. So be warned if, like me, you'd rather not see anything of this film before you head into the cinema to finally see it ;)

Thanks to Awards Daily

And go see Up In The Air, it's good. Better than Juno! I mean, I liked that one but remember to not be that impressed when I saw it, expected more. But this one's very nice. Only bit of criticism, why the sudden excess of music at the end? It was like they forgot they also needed to have a soundtrack that can be sold along with the film so they quickly decided to throw in some songs! But apart from that, it's a winner! Very witty, well written, characters are great especially Anna Kendrick's one. Loved her!

And one of the bands that's gonna hit it big time this year, Stornoway (others are Two door Cinema Club, We Have Band, New Villager, and some others which I can't recall right now, sorry) Especially their song Here Comes The Blackout is addictive! It's a bit folky, but very upbeat. A little bit of Fleet Foxes at times.
There's a video out for their song Unfaithful, also pretty good, but Here Comes The Blackout is the one that will be taking them places!

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