Saturday, 16 January 2010


Apparently my time at art school is going very well so far. We had an evaluation and I received a 'good' which is the highest you can get (!) Both my two teachers agreed that I'm showing a lot of progress and looking at my work they are apparently able to see where I draw my inspiration from! Apart from photography, which is my first choice, they told me they can easily imagine me doing other forms of fine art as well like drawing and painting. So they are very curious, and I am too, about how the next half of the year will go. I'm looking forward to it a lot and just can't wait to start going to school every day again, instead of just on Saturdays. Here are three pictures of the way I presented my stuff today. The idea was to create two separate spaces one showing very colourful paintings and collages while the other showed drawings made mainly with charcoal.

And here's an example of what I find to be a very good fashion editorial

Shot by Max Farago, model is Devon Aoki

Thanks to Fashion Gone Rogue for these scans!

What the...?! How did they do this???? :s

By Mustard Cuffins

Drift from mustardcuffins on Vimeo.

Still Moving from mustardcuffins on Vimeo.

Very nice


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