Thursday, 14 January 2010


Have been listening to Fanfarlo this morning, trying to decide whether or not I should see them when they'll be performing in Amsterdam this Tuesday. It would be a good way to practice my concert photography skills! Tickets are still available and right now I have a good feeling I might be there on Tuesday. It would be my first gig in 2010!
Some say they sound a lot like Beirut, but I feel that's true for only some of their songs, for most part they sound completely different to me. Simon's voice does sound like Alec Ounsworth's voice quite often though. That's a very good thing!

Here they are doing a Black Cab Session that goes in- and outside the cab! :)

Also been listening to Feist. Lately I've been putting them headphones on again, very pleasant!
And yes, after the recent deaths of Vic Chesnutt, Brittany Murphy and Eric Rohmer, Jay Reatard's life on earth has also come to and :(

Farewell Jay, wish I had seen you perform live

Jay Reatard- My Shadow (4.11.09) from rob downs on Vimeo.

Jay Reatard- Fading All Away, Trapped Here, Greed Money Useless Children (4.11.09) from rob downs on Vimeo.

Looks so good, am surprised though that the crowd still looks pretty calm

And while most people woke up early this morning going to university or to their jobs and some dealing with having their lives shattered because of a disastrous earthquake I was lying in bed, headphones on and being silly taking pictures of myself. It's a strange world.

Aaaaaaw, innocence :D

I know I know I should shave but I don't feel like it ;)
At times I give pretty good face and I have to say I look best when I make silly faces :p
I wouldn't mind waking up next to me in the morning :D
I still can't believe I'm 23!!
And as always I feel I have a million different faces. I start to think my face works better on video than photographs
And why these pictures? Because this blog is about me, so I better make an appearance myself every now and then, don't you think?

Here's to randomness and boredom, hooray!

Have to pick something up at my parents' place so I probably just spend the afternoon/evening there. One of my favourite TV shows will be on TV tonight (Wie Is De Mol?) so it will be fun to again watch it on an actual TV screen this week instead of my laptop. Hopefully I start writing again and I might make at least one collage :D

Need to decide when to watch Where The Wild Things Are! I so wish I had a suit like Max, pleasssssssseee someone make me one!! :((( I'd go wear it all day and night

Hoping my new camera arrives today!!!!!!!!!

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HernĂ¢ni Gomes said...

Well, enjoy your new camera :D

The last picture of an innocent boy is super funny :))))))))

Great Smile btw

Enjoy your day