Monday, 22 June 2009


The light is so beautiful outside. I have to make use of it soon.
Yesterday I was in Amsterdam and it started raining so hard my parents and I decided to take shelter from the rain and wait a while before continuing walking to the train station to head back home. No rain today.
Just watched La Fille Du RER. I love and I hate movies. Hate because they show me everything I'm not and I'm afraid I'll never be.
Anyway, riding back on my bike still having the feeling of the film in me, buying some groceries at the supermarket. Everything seemed alright. So simple and peaceful. It's hard when you feel so creative sometimes with all these ideas in your head but you know you need some people to help you out to bring those images to life. People I have to direct to construct that image I have in mind. You have a vision, an idea that you want to get out, but you can't. It's been like this for such a long time. I'm tired of it.

Rainy Father's Day

My boots

I spend a lot of time at this table, sitting behind my laptop. Perhaps too much time.

The summer sun shines bright

My door :)

I love this poster

I just found out Émilie Dequenne who plays the main character in La Fille Du RER is Rosetta! I haven't seen that film, but apparently I had seen this girl's face many times before without knowing. She looks so different in this. Didn't know she had so much experience already. And I kept thinking this was probably her first big role. Surprising.

These white boots apparently are Dr. Martens boots. Feel free to buy them for me. I love how long they are and they're white! Don't remember where I got this picture from. But it seems to me the guy wearing the boots could be model Will Lewis. There aren't that many long haired male models. And yes male models sometimes wear dresses. So don't think those boots are women shoes, they're not. :)

The lovely and gorgeous Coco Rocha for H&M Spring collection. Nice pictures for an H&M ad campaign. I really like this one. It's a simple picture, but I guess that's why I like it so much. Just Coco's posture, the brigh colours. Very spring/summer.

And this one just has really nice light.

I also like this one picture from the Lanvin campaign. Shot by Steven Meisel and featuring Iselin Steiro.

H&M and Lanvin images via Haute Fashion which is a really good site for all the latest pictures in fashion.

A lot of designers were showing off their latest collection this past weekend. I especially seem to like the latest collections by Neill Barrett and Trusardi.

Neil Barrett


Mmmmmm a red trench!

Images from Neill Barrett via C'est La Vie

Trusardi via Men's Rag. Men's Rag has been updating a lot. They always update a lot and so often. Really good.

Feel free to buy me the two collections in full ;)

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