Monday, 29 June 2009


Paris fashion week is over. I had a quick look at some of the collections over the last couple of days and there seem to be a lot of nice things. Again I will separate the good from the mediocre from the very bad. Starting with Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Alexis Mabille, Issey Miyake and Hugo Boss.

The Good:

Yves Saint Laurent - I basically like everything from the new Yves Saint Laurent collection except maybe two looks. Overall it's very classic. Some very interesting pants which seem to be attached to part of the waist up to the stomach. Love the shiny boots. Some footwear looks really cool. There's some good layering going on in some of the looks. Clothes fit the models very well. It's all very straight down, very slim. Here are all the looks I really like. There are many.

Balenciaga - Nice use of different fabrics. I love the grey kind of skirt pants as well as the slipper kind of shoes. Not all looks work that well. Still there's so much to love. Even some of the bracelets these kids are wearing look extremely nice and add so much to the overall style. The clothes fit perfect on these kids. My ten favourite looks from their collection:

The mediocre:

Alexis Mabille - It's more miss than hit. Some of the pieces are actually quite nice but they just don't fit with the overall look the model showcases. They dared to send out a half naked guy out on the runway. It's a spring collection, the weather won't be hot enough to walk around in just your underwear. Love their skinny tight jeans. Those seem a perfect fit and make the legs look longer. Not a fan of their shoes. They should have went with nice leather boots or shoes. Their pair of gold silver printed pants I have seen before. Not a fan of scarves either and I don't like some of their wide pants. There was one horrific look, so bad I will post it because words are not enough to explain. But here are the looks I did like.

This one is a look I really like. I just don't like the shoes.

This is that horrific look I was talking about. A big NO.

The bad:

Issey Miyake - The picture below is the first look they sent out on the runway and was also their best. It really looks nothing like the other pieces that were shown. In this look even the socks are great. Some pieces could have been way better. Most of their pants are way too wide. I prefer them skinny jeans, I'm sorry. :) Some of the pants even look like pyjama pants. Again I will post a hideous look. Can't believe they even dared to produce this. Fashion shows might feel like a circus, but this look takes it way too literally.

Their first and best look. When I saw this I thought it was going to be all kinds of amazing.

But then they sent things like this out on the runway. Is it even part of the same collection?! Ouch!

Hugo Boss - You would expect something good from Hugo Boss considering it's such a well established brand. But some of these looks don't look good at all. There were so many looks I didn't like. I'm still undecided about their shoes. Are they nice yes or no? Again I'll post a look that I just don't understand. First some things I like, but I like 'em just a little bit.

Going to jail?! What the f*ck

All images via WWD.

Going to bed now. It's already after 12.

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