Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Yesterday evening I finally saw Star Trek. It's a lot of fun, but Oscar worthy as some people on the net have called it?! No way. At least not for best picture and other important awards like that. There were just too many silly moments. I had no idea Star Trek was a comedy. Or perhaps the original isn't, but at times this film seemed to try to be one. Especially at the beginning James Kirk and Bones were acting as if trying to be a comedic duo. It was kind of awkward. But apart from those silly moments, Star Trek is pretty spectacular. I especially enjoyed some of the fight scenes and I always have a bit of a weakness for those team bonding films like X-Men and the like. And I was happy to see Zoe Saldana in such a big budget movie. She'll also be in James Cameron's Avatar. Wish the girl all the best. Also Zachary Quinto made for a very enjoyable Spock. So it's an okay film. Seems to be way better than the new Transformers one. The trailer was shown before Star Trek and oh wow it looked all kinds of awful filled with clich├ęs. And overall it just looked dumb as if they don't think highly of their audience and just don't even bother to serve up something more intelligent. I have not seen the first one. I would like to maybe, because as a kid I did watch the cartoon and liked it. But seems to me these films pretty much suck apart from probably the special-effects.

Apparently there's this convention going on in Amsterdam right now which I knew nothing about. It's from June 21 to the 25th and is basically just for industry people unless you're willing to pay like one thousand dollars to attend. A lot of new films are screened in order to find distributors around Europe. One of them being Pixar's Up! It's a pretty big and important event and as a result has brought James Cameron to the convention to show some exclusive footage from his latest project Avatar. Among the cast and crew members that joined him was Ripley aka Sigourney Weaver. Thanks to for pointing this out.

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