Saturday, 20 June 2009


BALDOVINO BARANI. Remember that name!! Just found out about him last night! My favourite shoot so far is the one titled The Vampire And The Nun. His pictures really tell a story. I'm completely in awe. I want to cry it's THAT good! :) Such brilliance. Look, just LOOK!!! I think it's the best work I've ever seen. I'm in shock.

The Vampire And The Nun

Some of his other work. Isn't this amazing?! How come I never heard of this guy before?! The composition, the styling, the postures of the models. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I need to contact this guy and just tell him how amazing he is. Life changing

For more of his work go to his official website. He also has a blog.

I was planning to post some pictures of this other cool photographer as well, but I can't do that to the guy, 'cause his work, how amazing it might still be, will not be able to compare with the pictures above. So I'll leave those for another time. Apparently this is what Mr. Barani looks like. So start worshipping! :D And if you ever happen to run into him on the street tell him Danilo says hello and LOVES his work! He apparently can be frequently found in London, Los Angeles and Hong Kong...

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