Monday, 15 June 2009


I just basically need to stop reading texts and start writing these extra parts for my thesis which my supervisor wants me to write. Have been reading all day. Maybe I'm going to do some drawing in some minutes. Is what I did last night after reading, was very calming and relaxing. And fun of course too. Just imagining myself wearing all these crazy clothes and then drawing it. Perhaps I should become a designer?? I was reading about this kid, a young designer last night who planned to be an actor first but then switched realizing he was more interested in the costumes than in the performing. This kid is JW Anderson, he's Irish and coincidentally today Men's Rag posted the collection I was looking at last night. Lately I've been having a thing for headbands. So far I haven't found a shop where you can buy them, so I better make my own. I actually already did. Anyway, Mr. Anderson likes them too. These pictures are great by the way. It's like they're all covered with smoke. Makes them look so mysterious and ancient. Like they're from a different era.

For more visit his offical website which looks really good.

Also this really REALLY cool shoot from Dazed & Confused magazine with an almost unrecognizable Kendra Spears on the cover. Even more headbands!

Photographs: Mariano Vivanco
Styling: the great Nicola Formichetti
Via and Request Model Blog

And Gossip. I never checked them out. For a while I even started to think Beth Ditto was British, although I knew the band were from the US. But I have a feeling they're far more popular in the UK than anywhere else. Their new song Heavy Cross is really cool. Love Ditto's voice. So powerful. The video is very nice as well. Very golden.

Gossip - Heavy Cross from Michael Knudsen on Vimeo.

Anna Karinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

If I find the time I might go and attend the Arnhem Fashion Biennale which is taking place at the moment. Maybe even as a volunteer and get free clothing to wear! Would be cool :D

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