Friday, 26 June 2009


Last night I watched Luchino Visconti's Bellissima, my first ever Anna Magnani film! I have to admit I didn't even really know about her since some months ago. Noone ever really mentioned her. At times it's like the only big Italian legendary star actress is Miss Sophia Loren. Had no idea Magnani was one of the great. I don't know if the kind of role she plays in Bellissima is the kind of role she usually plays. But I have a feeling last night I already watched one of her best on-screen performances. She seriously is phenomenal. She's this huge force just storming from one scene to the next. So determined, so into her own, constantly talking, making gestures. Like a raging bull. I felt I almost couldn't catch up with here. What a woman. And I liked how at times she totally fitted in into that stereotype image we have of Italian women. Loudly talking, yelling to each other from the balcony and of course those large expressions. Not just using the mouth to talk but the hands as well. That passion. Loved everything about her. She really is the movie. It's all about her. Can't take your eyes off Miss Magnani. I was wondering though do Italians really give their young sons and daugthers a bowl of coffee to drink? 'Cause Magnani's character mentioned that once to her husband when he asked her if she had fed their daugther. Better ask one of my friends about this.

And yes the man has died. Found out about it after watching Bellissima. But around that time their wasn't any confirmation just yet. CNN still said he was in a coma. But some minutes after it turned out it was really true. I feel bad for my mum 'cause she really wanted to see him live in London. That's not going to happen anymore. Farrah Fawcett is no longer among us as well. Plus, there was a story going round about Harrison Ford being lost at sea, but apparently that was fake. Just shows you should be careful. Don't immediately trust everything you read.

Bruno Dayan. Another great fashion photographer.

Reminds me of Monica Vitti in L'Eclisse

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