Sunday, 25 April 2010


After talking on the phone with my mum I got a bit sick all of a sudden, my throat is all slimey or something :(
Spreading deceases over the telephone is not the way to go

I'm STILL listening to Caribou's Swim, at home, on the bike, when walking down the street. Best album, I'm telling you!

This is what happens when they perform live. Why didn't I go some days ago when they were in Amsterdam??? :(((

Last night I couldn't resist and got myself to listen to the high quality stream of High Violet, if you don't know what High Violet is, it's the latest album by The National, and it's GOOD. These guys can do no wrong in my book, they know exactly what I want and need and they deliver 100%

Next time I see them it's gonna be even more amazing than the first

This is a good reason why I should go and see We Were Promised Jetpacks tomorrow evening

See those kids at the front, at a gig like this, those are the people you're looking for

These will inspire me for days. Thank you Eleanor Wood and BOOOOOOOOM!

These are for me to learn what is art and what can be considered as such. By Pia Bramley


This is something I could end up doing

By Friedrich Kunath

I'll say it once more Contemporary Art Daily is the best website about art there is

Obviously what I like most about this picture is the kid's hair.

By Niall O'Brien, via BOOOOOOOOM!

Can't wait 'till mine grows back to this :D

Why did I have to shave the back, WHY??

I used to be a bit red:P

'The proper creative process is a slow, gradual, anonymous, collective one, in which each man collaborates with all the others and subordinates himself to the standards of the majority.' - Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

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