Thursday, 22 April 2010


I just watched Kids, first time, finally! It came on MTV once when I was still a youth myself and I didn't watch it! I knoooooow, but now I did :D Kids is basically the birth of Chloë Sevigny and Rosario Dawson, 'cause they're the two who really made it big, though like three other kids from the film have been in movies or TV series since then as well and it's filled with punks. It's so bad 'cause watching it these kids look kind of cool, but some of the things they do are so wrong. But they have good friendships and have each other's back. First I was thinking this film might end up depressing me 'cause it reminds me of how much I've missed. I really feel there's this big gap of nothing between the life I had until like 12/13 years old and the age of 19.

Harmony Korine wrote the screenplay. I really loved some of the conversations at the beginning of the film and Rosario Dawson she's such a natural and a incredibly beautiful girl. And it's remarkable how Chloë has turned into such a fine actress, she's one of the best really.

I love you Larry Clark

Caribou's album Swim is one of the best, if not THE BEST album of 2010. I listened to this on repeat a while ago after its leak and now I'm captivated by it again, can't let go, don't want to let go. Kaili is perhaps the best song together with Lailebela, the latter borrows some bits from the first one like the beautiful aaaahahahaa part, oh his voice. Pure bliss. I could drown in it. Found Out and Jamelia are pure gold as well.

Tomorrow night Crystal Castles, second time

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