Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Oooooo it's tonight!!! Just look at that video if that's any indication of what's going to happen I'll be dead by the end of the night!! I'm not sure if I'm able to concentrate today and work on my school assignment. If I knew I wasn't going by myself it would probably be a bit easier for me, but the girl I would like to go with isn't able to go and is running out of money and prefers seeing a movie at a film festival and some other friends already told me last time at the Yeasayer gig they aren't able to go 'cause they're already going to another concert or they have to perform themselves. Anyway, I could so use somebody to give me a bit of support until they climb up that stage and start playing, someone to hold my hand or something :) I'm just superexcited, it's gonna be so intense!!! Arrrrrrrrrrr People will start dancing/jumping, acting wild, it's gonna be super hot. Once they start playing I'll be gone and I don't need anyone to hold me, but the waiting is gonna be killingggg!!! I wish I had my friend from the UK who loves them as much as I do, plus wouldn't it be so awesome if for only tonight I could transform myself into a teenage screaming fangirl, only for tonight???!!! 'Cause I feel like screaming and shaking my hands hysterically and going ooooh YANNISSS!!! But as a boy it seems a bit odd to go on the hysterical road like that, except maybe at a Patrick Wolf concert?? I'm not the screaming type anyway, I'll just dance my socks off, but oooo it would make things so much easier :p

By Ben Toms

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