Sunday, 4 April 2010


I usually hardly ever really cry when watching movies, only get wet eyes, but no drops rolling out. However, last night I finally watched Trois Couleurs: Bleu and there were not one but two moments that turned out to be a little too intense for me :D First moment is one that probably has made a lot of people choke up, but the second one, the one that really made me cry, was simply because of aesthetic reasons while also because of the way it was edited. I don't want to give away the magical moment so I'm not gonna tell what it's about, but I am able to tell you that it really made me rethink about editing in general, especially the way it is able to enhance dramatic effects by editing in certain images at a particular time. 'Cause this little scene came so unexpected and was so well-timed that it really got to me in a big way. Juliette Binoche is on a tour de force in this one, without a doubt one of the best actresses around. This afternoon I continued the trilogy by watching Blanc and tonight I plan on watching Rouge. I have a feeling Bleu is the best one out of all three though, it's such a rich film, there is dialogue, but all the important information is given to you through images without the use of words, by showing eyes, using music or silences. It's a very beautiful film.

I've been drawing a lot the last two days so I've made some more scans as I happen to be at my parents' place again. Normally I never really make pencil drawings but I've been enjoying it a lot lately and I think they look quite nice :D
Because I used pencil some of the drawings are hardly visible, but you get the idea

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