Sunday, 4 April 2010

<&BEAR x 2)_

I knew Seabear were coming to Paradiso as a support of a certain band, but I couldn't remember which one. Turns out they're supporting Bear In Heaven (!) and I so happen to have been listening to their last album a lot these last couple of days and I really really like it, especially this one track called Lovesick Teenagers. When listening to their album you think you listen to an old record, 'cause it seems filled with cover songs. I still feel I've heard some of their songs before. This doesn't mean their music is a total rip off or completely unoriginal though, but it sounds so good you think you listen to a great band from the past.
So May 10th I'll be there, upstairs in Paradiso, small venue hall :D

Here you can watch a video of them performing the song live at a gig in Atlanta on March 11th of this year

Now I'm going to ride my way home on my bike listening to MGMT's Congratulations on my headphones, it really is the perfect soundtrack for going out on the street!

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