Thursday, 8 April 2010


These days Miss Furtado is no longer my main priority of interest (trying to marry a certain Pat Pat is) so forgive me for not having found out about this really cool new song from my all-time favourite songbird

Nelly Furtado - Girlfriend In This City (New Song 2010)
Geüpload door wonderful-life1989. - Ontdek andere muziek video's.

She keeps changing styles, love it. I was afraid she would stick with the style of Loose because of its success, but instead she stays true to her creative self. I know she always likes to push herself and try out new things and head into unexpected directions. good for her. I'm liking this song. Makes me feel all nostalgic. Oh Nelly how I love thee so and always will :D Too bad she already got married and has a kid, but that should not stop me

Never forget those days when you looked so stunning with those hoop earrings! :DD

Read a review of your album in a magazine before ever even hearing you sing. Then saw your video come by at this music video request channel and after called to the channel myself and requested to see it in full. Loved you since then.

Record company says the song is still a demo and rather has people don't hear it and it won't be spread further on the internet, but I don't care. Good songs need to be shared :D
New album Lifestyle will come out this year, summer I believe, I'm looking forward to it.

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