Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Krzysztof Kieslowski I think we should get married or try if we men can make babies together, but at least do something, 'cause last night I saw the final chapter of the Trois Couleurs and it's even more phenomenal than the other two! Well, actually, I still think I like Bleu the most, but you can't really compare Bleu and Rouge. Such different films, such different structures. But both are so well made. Visually Bleu is the best with so many little gems, but Rouge has some really nice long takes too and very dynamic shots, plus it has both Jean-Louis Trintignant as well as Irène Jacob who is such a beauty! You can't help falling in love with her character. And so cool the recurring of the old lady or man trying to throw away a bottle in the container and of course Jacob's the only chatacter in all three films who helps the old lady. I found that such a nice detail, really tells something about her character and what sets her apart from the other two in Bleu and Blanc. Now I can't wait to see Le Double Vie De Véronique which I have on my computer as a download. This Polish kid who once surfed my couch, brought it for me but back then I had no clue that Kieslowski was the man behind the Trois Couleurs and Dekalog! Maybe I'll watch it tonight :DD

I'm going to spend another day drawing, painting, making collages for school on Saturday while listening to music of course. And I should continue reading my already beloved The Catcher In the Rye!

Some work by artist Robert Melee that I found a while ago via this website I believe. It's called Contemporary Art Daily and it's a very good site. One of the best that I found so far to give me that much needed every day art fix

It's nice and colourful, I like it

Turns out taking pictures of my pencil drawings has much better result than when scanning them, so here you go

Some I shared already as a scan, but they weren't very clear so I felt they deserved a re-up

By Karim Sadli

Via The Fashionisto

I still haven't found out what to do with that last polaroid picture I still have left in my camera...

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