Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Déborah François has quickly climbed her way up to the top of my list of favourite actresses, not only is she really talented she's also INCREDIBLY pretty. I've only seen her in three films so far, L'Enfant, Unmade Beds and yesterday early evening I watched her in My Queen Karo where she spoke a bit of Flemish (!!!), adorable. Girl really is electrifying, she's like a HUGE magnet, can't keep my eyes off her.
So here she is, a quick ode to miss Déborah François, I prefer her with dark hair though. The actor playing the father was quite a handsome chap as well, but my attention was completely taken up by miss François, how could I not be :D

Ohhh crushie crushie

Pictures via AnnaLeader.com and taken from the set of Unmade Beds.

If you don't know yet the new Foals leaked yesterday WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! my surprise after I got home from the cinema :D Also The Black Keys' latest effort as well as the newest release by THE NATIONAL!!!! But I think I'll wait for The National, would love to buy it on vinyl and listen to it first time in proper quality. So much good music at the same time and I'm LOVING the new Foals.

Be aware of TITTIES Not safe for work people, unless, I don't know, you work in a strip club or something, or a butcher maybe

One of my favourite models Hannah Holman shot by the amazing Karim Sadli

Of course they can be found in Dazed & Confused 'cause let's face it that magazine is the best when it comes to styling

Via Fashion Gone Rogue

And a pretty boy to keep things in balance ;)

Shot by Sean patrick Watters, via The Fashionisto

If anyone happens to win the lottery anytime soon keep me in mind I could use some help financially as it will be likely I will not eat or buy any new clothes for the upcoming four years!!!... I should find a sugar daddy like Carey Mulligan's character in An Education, oh wait, I already have one actually :p Danieeeeelll

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Hernâni Gomes said...

the movie seems cool by the pictures. I may check it :)