Saturday, 10 April 2010


It's ridiculous, but lately I've been afraid, very afraid, that the new National album and the new Foals album will leak without me being one of the first to find out about it! It's silly, I know, but I keep checking their profile site to see if I read about someone in the shoutbox saying the albums have leaked! This is not the way things should be, gettin this excited for a leak instead of the actual physical release, but I can't help it

These two editorials are genius. Love them both, just look!

Shot by by Aneta Bartos

By Stephen Ward

Via Fashion Gone Rogue

Felt good being back in school and talking to other people other than my brother or parents! I'm still amazed sometimes by how kind people can be, especially 'cause I do still feel people perceive me as a weird kid because of the way I dress sometimes, the hair and them plugs! :) It's good to know a lot people are able to see through appearance and care more about the inside than the out. Thanks!

Wow, I really REALLY like this new Nelly Furtado song, can't wait for the actual song, not this demo version, and the new album. It's been a while she put out some music that really got me excited! Good to have her back :)

4 DAYS TO FOALS!!!!! Can you believe it?!!! After all this time, I'm gonna see them :p

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