Friday, 23 April 2010

#:A JOB)\

Tomorrow I'll be doing a training, 'cause I'll be working at a call center doing surveys so I decided not to go to Crystal Castles tonight, 'cause I have to be there early! Not sure how long I will last though considering my last time working at a call center only took me four days before I quit :P But there I had to try selling things to people who are not interested in buying and I'm not someone who's gonna force you into buying things you don't want.

My next gig at the moment thus becomes Bear In Heaven which I plan to actually attend, but May 11th I'll have to stop by this art school in Amsterdam to try if they are willing to accept me, so perhaps I'll have to skip that gig as well, but we'll see.

I don't think I posted these wonderful posters for Paolini's Teorema before, so I will now :)

Very nice, very nice

10 random images from my collection

I'm sleeeeeeepy and HUNGRY :DD

Maybe I have to go to art school abroad and pay less?