Friday, 2 April 2010


Finally after all this time I've been able to start reading The Catcher In The Rye after having found the book at this second hand book store. Lately I'm getting a bit obsessed about going to those kind of places. Each time I'm in town I want to pass there to look for some books. Their bookshelves are like huge treasure chests and you just want to digg in. One day I might end up buying up the whole place! I just love that they're second hand books. It's much nicer having this worn out book in your hands instead of holding a brand new one, plus they're are much cheaper which I always find to be a very good thing. I could go to the library instead, but to own a book, to know that it's yours, to be able to write little scribblings in it and to know it will forever be yours it's just a very soothing thought.
I finished Billy Liar this morning so now I went from Billy Fisher to Holden Caulfield and boy ;) do I already love this guy. He's so dead honest and it's so funny already. This is going to be a real joy to read. It's just little things like this for example that I really enjoy:

'"Have a seat there, boy," old Spencer said. He meant the bed.'

He's visiting a teacher and he's dying to get out of there as his teacher is starting this whole lecture about Holden being dropped out of school. I love how well observant Holden is, the way Salinger really tells from the boy's perspective and keeps the reader updated on Holden's thoughts while in conversation and the fact that Holden thinks about something completely different while talking, that's so like me. My mind wanders off like that all the time too.

The Libertines are back together and it's not an April fools joke!

Again, some random images I feel like sharing ;)

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