Friday, 9 April 2010


I doubt it will be anywhere near as good as Tom Ford's A Single Man, let alone 'be better, but having quickly skimmed through the trailer I have high expectations. Just look at these screencaps from the trailer that I took!

I won't even care about whether the story will be any good or not, I just NEED to see those images on a big screen. For me those images makes this film already a winner. Can't wait! And it has Tilda Swinton in it and I like her not only because of her bold style and fashion sense but she's one of those actresses like Cate Blanchett or Kristin Scott Thomas who'll gladly play in low-budget films and really chooses the roles she wants to play and the talented people she wants to work with.

Here's the trailer if you want to see it

I AM LOVE - UK Trailer from PPC Film on Vimeo.

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