Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I wasn't sure whether I would go and see We Were Promised Jetpacks, but I went and I'm glad I did! :D Can't believe these guys aren't more well known 'cause they're excellent live. They even gave me a glimpse of what it would be like seeing a band like Explosions In The Sky or This Will Destroy You live 'cause they started their set with a very long intro until finally Adam Thompson's voice broke through giving the build up a climax of emotional resonance. The gig was in the Oude Zaal of the Melkweg which is a rather small venue, but not as small and cosy as Bitterzoet or upstairs in Paradiso. So the place never felt like it was packed even though there were still quite a lot of people. In Bitterzoet or upstairs in Paradiso the crowd would have been more tight, filling every inch of space. Now you could feel the music surrounding you, but not so much the warmth of the audience which for me adds a lot to the atmosphere. I was a bit disappointed they played Quiet Little Voices as the second track of the evening 'cause at that point most people still had to get their wake-up call and were just gazing with little movement. There were however some really cool dudes at the other side of the stage, of course, I always happen to stand at the wrong side, or most of the time at least. One guy even started crowdsurfing making him the man of the evening, seriously, dude should go to every gig and light the place up. That was a good example of cool. Normally antics like that are only performed when the entire crowd is one big wild mess, but this dude just didn't care and started his own party. Props to him! Eventually some guys started a mosh pit, or at least an attempt, not too many people joined them. But that's how it should have been. We Were Promised Jetpacks are Japandroids/Good Shoes-crowd deserving easily breaking into long heavy solos. Hopefully they will attend some festivals this summer and the people seeing them respond to their music more enthusiastically than last night. Don't get me wrong, lots of people responded with great enthusiasm, but I am mainly referring to the people completely at the front, first row, who were just standing looking up, leaning against the stage as if they were gazing out the window. Awful. You come all this way, pay 12 euros to see a band you obviously love, 'cause else you don't show up early and take up a spot at the front RIGHT??, and all you do is stand there watching, even when the music is so energetic. Doesn't it spark a bit of that fire inside of you, is there no physical reaction at all? Anyway, I had a faily good evening, almost didn't take any pictures 'cause most of the time I was really in awe of the quality. And so many people were yelling the lyrics to the songs, even me, with my tiny little voice and having a bit of a cold! :) They play in Groningen on May 5th for free! But it's way too far from where I live. I'll probably be in Amsterdam or selling junk out on the street which can be nice as well but probably not as fun as seeing We Were Promised Jetpacks ;)

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