Monday, 12 April 2010


I was thinking about going to the museum right after I watched Shutter Island at the cinema, but I didn't feel like it. I feel more like making something myself so that's what I'm going to do this late afternoon/early evening! This week we got the most fun assignment for school we had so far. We basically have to start a diary, but we're not allowed to use any text, take pictures or make any videos. But it's one of those assignment that allows me to do whatever I want which is what I like most. And this is what it's going to be like eventually anyway, I'll be my own boss giving assignments to myself instead of working for a company that tells me what to do 24/7 :)

I'd never listened to Talking Heads before until some days ago, I knew David Byrne though, just didn't know he was of Talking heads :D He's one of those guys whose name you often read somewhere when you surf the net visiting sites about music plus I knew him from the track Knotty Pine which is a collaboration with Dirty Projectors and I love those guys. So I decided to check out their debut album and immediately I was stunned by the greatness of this album and Byrne's voice!! Wow, the way he pronounces words, sometimes he sounds so nasal, almost ugly sounding in a way, but love it and find it to be beautiful. I knew the track Psycho Killer but at the same I didn't really. But it's the one song I think they're most famous for. Here's them performing Don't Worry About The Government which is one of my many favourites from the album

Once today is over it's only going to be one more day until I see Foals. I think I'm a bit scared! :DD

Ohh Karlie sometimes she looks so pretty, natural beauty

So seductive
Shot by Alasdair McLellan, via Fashion Gone Rogue

I forgot, I also need to do some vacuum cleaning and tidy up my room!

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