Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Cam Archer I LOVE YOU What the @$&**$^*(&*^~!#????!!!!! This film is amazing. It's indescribable almost, you just need to see it to understand it. I guess it comes down to feeling, tone, atmosphere the most. He presents you with this beautiful portrait of this kid and several scenes are so wonderful. It's very lyrical and poetic and I loved the use of the tiger as a metaphor. This film was so surprisingly more detailed than I had expected. Drenched in this beautiful soft blue toning and with a bit of childrens choir music in the background. He comes up with some brilliant ideas. At first I wasn't sure about this film cause it has some real flaws, I mean, there are tons of things that could have been done better and at first I had to get used to the boy who plays the main character, especially his voice which at first doesn't seem to really fit him. But I got passed that. It's just the movie as a whole, what it creates, it makes it work. I was so moved. It's one of the strongest pieces I've seen that makes you connect and feel so strongly for the main character. The sequence of images. Some don't even hold meaning for the plot, but they're just there to show Logan, the main character. It's almost documentary like at some moments. I'm pretty much stunned of how effective this film is and perhaps it makes it better that the actor who plays the boy might be really gay in real life, 'cause he appeared to be even though it feels real stupid to say that you could see that through behaviour and the way people act. At first I felt a bit bad because the boy's gayness seemed to be exploited and taken advantage of, but the film becomes such a honest and sincere portrait that it's not at all. And, assuming the young boy is actually gay in real life, makes it all the more stronger because you feel for him even more. It's one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen and I'm not overreacting. There were just some scenes that were brilliant in tone and feeling and some of the shots are so pretty, great photography. I did not expect this. I thought it would not overcome it's low-budget quality, but all of that didn't matter, it exceeds it and turned out to be one of the most effective films I've seen. Thank you Cam Archer. We need to talk.

After having done some YouTube searching for clips from the film it seems what I saw was an early version of the film which did not yet feature music by singer Emily Jane White who made a song with the same title as the movie. So I discovered the version I saw does not include some scenes which the movie on YouTube (you can basically watch it in full, although split up in several parts) does. I don't think this would have effected my viewing of the film a lot, but it's interesting. I'll definitely have to see it again with those extra scenes and different use of music in some scenes. And I better keep the downloaded version I have as the DVD of the film might not feature both versions but only the one with the scenes and music by Emily Jane White added to it. Anyway, I'm completely in love with this film.

Here's the video for the song by Emily Jane White which you apparently hear at the end of the film, but not in the version I saw. I heared a beautful childrens choir. This song would have satisfied me as well though.

I'm glad Gus Van Sant chose to executive produce this film.

I found out I did a post on Cam Archer and Emily Jane White almost a year ago on Sunday December 28, 2008

Emily Jane White has a new album out called Victorian America. I'll listen to it

A short called Vegas

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