Monday, 16 November 2009


I plan on seeing Parque Vía this afternoon which seems to be one of the best movies that will be released this year so you can imagine I'm pretty excited and expect to be coming out of the cinema completely inspired and in awe. I'll try to take some pictures both analogue as well as digital. Such a shame it keeps on raining. It has been like this for about three weeks now and I don't think there was one day without a bit of rain.

I find Horst Diekgerdes to be a great fashion photographer, one who really is able to combine technique with great vision and style. His pictures seem so bold and carefree. I bet they're perfectly staged but some of them have this this air about them that makes it seem like he has just been clicking away with almost no directing. Enjoy.

Pictures via D+V Management and Fashion Gone Rogue

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