Thursday, 26 November 2009


Been watching way too many documentaries yesterday, but I love it. Will go and do the same today. I love the IDFA, the people, atmosphere, the collective love for film. I was fortunate to see The Cove last night because a fellow audience award employee had a spare ticket so I was the lucky one to go with her. It's such a good film. It's presented like a thriller almost, at one point the director even mentioned he was setting up his own sort of Ocean's 11 team. For all of you who don't know, The Cove is about the killing of dolphins with the focus on Taiji in Japan where these fishermen capture them. The director of the film sets up a team of people to try and collect evidence of the killing. Because the area is so well protected it's impossible to record footage of the fishermen capturing the dolphins. The documentary shows the attempt of the director to get evidence to proof dolphins are indeed slaughtered in Taiji. Many of the dolphins are sold to places like Sea World where they have to perform while others get killed for their meat. The killing happens in 'the cove', hence the title. Almost noone eats dolphin meat though because it contains high levels of mercury and therefore is very toxic. Pregnant women who eat the meat run the risk of giving birth to deformed babies. Still however many dolphins get killed for consumption and frequently they're wrongly labelled in supermarkets. A person might think he/she is buying a piece of whale meat when in fact it's a piece of dolphin. So far it's the best film I've seen, without a doubt but there are so many films playing. I just can't watch them all, and there are so many good ones. Too bad it will all be over by Sunday :(

The Cove - Official Trailer from Noah Amar on Vimeo.

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