Wednesday, 11 November 2009


After trying two times I still don't have any LOMO pictures!!! :(( There are two possibilities for why it hasn't worked out yet. The first one is that I might have to use a special LOMO film for this camera and not just any type of 35mm. But, I don't see it stated anywhere that this is necessary. It should work fine with any 35mm film. A second possibility is that when I took out the second film today I noticed something still stuck inside that said 'remove'. So well, I guess that little object still stuck in my camera is why so far I don't have any pictures yet :) I have in the meantime bought a package of 35mm lomography film stock, so my chances of succeeding should increase. Also, I threw away the tiny piece of plastic which had 'remove' written on it. So if it doesn't work now I don't know what I'm doing wrong!!! The ISO of the film is 400 which should be fine for this type of weather, 'cause there's no ray of sunlight in sight. If only I discovered the LOMO a couple of months ago. Would have been so great to take summer pictures filled with sunshine :)

This evening I'll be seeing Mew. Of course I'm bringing my LOMO with me.

For more pictures by photographer Matthew Kristall go here

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