Sunday, 15 November 2009


I feel so sad and confused and it's all the fault of my Action Sampler camera. I've been using up to 3 film rolls so far and most of the strips came out blank. I only had like 5 pictures maybe, but all of them completely blurred. I'm feeling so disheartened. It's frustrating 'cause I know I'll keep trying until it works, but this might mean I will have to face many more disappointments. I just want to have one clear picture, just some proof I'm using the camera right 'cause so far I have no idea what's going wrong. I seem to very well follow all the instructions but I still havent had any success. It might be that it's still too dark, but then again, I've been using a 400 ISO film which should be perfectly okay for taking pictures outside especially under the whether conditions right now. It's so not cool knowing you invest some money into something and then having to watch it all go to waste. And I'm not sure whether I still need to go out and take all these trips to all these cool places knowing I run the risk none of the pictures I take are actually taken. I was so hoping I would have some 4 lens pictures from the Mew gig!!! :(( I feel betrayed by this camera and I love it so much.
I want some good results!!!!

Last night I finally watched The Shining. Yup, I had never seen it before (!) or not really. I guess I've seen bits and pieces as a kid 'cause the film has been on TV a gazillion times. But last night was the first time I really saw it. I was surprised to find out after having seen it that the film didn't get much love when it came out and Stanley Kubrick even got a Razzie nomination for Worst Director, WHAT??! How can they do that to him?! By now the film is considered a classic and is as well known as any of Kubrick's other films. So far I've only seen 2001, A Clockwork Orange and Barry Lyndon. I know I know, I haven't even seen Dr. Strangelove, what kind of ex-film student am I?! But in order for me to go and watch that one someone needs to convince me it will not get me disappointed 'cause I have a feeling it will just not be my kind of film 'cause it's a comedy/satire, or that's what I've understood it is. Oh, and of course I've seen Spartacus, how could I forget. I bet anyone has seen that film. But as with The Shining I don't remember it that well, same for Eyes Wide Shut, 'cause, again I forgot, I've seen that one too once. What I liked most about The Shining was the effective use of music 'cause the images or story didn't scare me at all, but the music had me shaken up a bit once or twice. Only one scene close to the end gave me a bit of a fright for a moment, but that was about it. Apart from that I laughed because of this old woman from a bathtub who was supposed to look scary and pondered on Shelly Duvall's acting abilities. Some people are pretty quick at calling someone a bad actor/actress but I always find it hard to make that kind of judgement as there are many ways to act and there are many ways people act in real life. A performance at first might seem unnatural but then later you come to realize that there are actual people who act that way. I feel that a performance should be based more on believeability, whether you would believe the character's emotions and responses and consider them authentic and there might not be such a thing as good or bad acting. But Shelley Duvall really gave me a hard time. If there's one performance a lot of people would agree on isn't all that good, it would be Shelley Duvall's performance in The Shining. It first started when she brought Jack Nicholson's character breakfast. In that scene she delivers her lines as if she's reading them from a paper, zero emotion, not heartfelt at all. It's like she spoke those lines for the sake of speaking them. From that point on it just went downhill for her. At times she appears like this frigthened little mouse all shaken up standing in a corner and trying to climb up the walls. She so enthusiastically hyperventilates that she seems to have lost it and has no clue what she's doing. I started wondering if the woman had ever looked into the mirror before she came on set and started acting this way. And then there was the awkward moving of her arms while she runs with a knife in her hand and giving looks as if she's a fish out of the water gasping for air. Her entire performance just screams failure. But at the same time part of me felt she was perfect for the role, 'cause she's so thin and fragile looking and has these big eyes which can make her seem both harmless as well as batshit crazy. Unfortunately for Shelley Duvall, she ended up looking batshit crazy. I mean, even in the French dubbed version she looks terrible.

Coucou, chérie! Yup she definitely looks cuckoo ;)

By the way, give the kid a haircut please

No wonder Jack Nicholson's character wants to kill his son.

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