Monday, 30 November 2009

"_A TOTAL OF 27*)

I didn't see that many films compared to many of my fellow audience award volunteers, but I still saw quite a lot, including the audience award winner of this year The Cove!

Friday Nov. 20:

I Don't Want To Live This Life
We Live In Public

Sunday Nov. 22:

The Snowman

Monday Nov. 23:

Aida, Palestine
Israel Ltd.
Yes, Miss Commander!
To Shoot An Elephant

Tuesday Nov. 24:
The Shock Doctrine

Wednesday Nov. 25:
The Farm: 10 Down
Sister Wife
Beauty Refugee
13, 14, 15
Anybody There...?
The Cove
Space Tourists

Thursday Nov. 26:

Welcome To North Korea!
Suspect And In Custody
Where The Sun Doesn't Rush
White Poverty - In The New South Africa
Earth Keepers

Friday Nov. 27:
Mugabe And The White African

Saturday Nov. 28:
Insulo De La Rozoj - Freedom Is Frightening
Food, Inc.
Oil City Confidential

Sunday Nov. 29:

The Kids Grow Up

Note, however, that some of these films are shorts and a couple of them I've seen but because it was so late in the evening the images just rushed over me and I didn't get much of it. Didn't really pay much attention, though I did not fall asleep! :)

My favourite out of the bunch is The Cove, although The Kids Grow Up comes pretty close to beating it, and maybe it already kind of did. The Kids Grow Up was simply extraordinary and I felt a strong connection with it. I loved it from beginning to end. So perhaps that one is my real personal favourite. Others that were really good are Mugabe And The White African, The Snowman and To Shoot An Elephant. I also liked We Live In Public and I Don't Want To Live This Life. Food, Inc. was nice but dragged on a bit too long, I expected way more of it. Beauty Refugee was a very personal story, very nice and funny. Yes, Miss Commander! was very entertaining. I expected to fall asleep during Oil City Confidential 'cause I was so tired and it was pretty late in the evening, but I didn't. It's about the band Dr. Feelgood. I might have heard about them before, but I'm not sure. Definitely had never listened to them. The music and Wilko Johnson's personality kept me up. I've added Wilko to my list of idols! :) I also liked The Farm: 10 Down and Space Tourists featured many beautiful images. One of the few documentaries with some great cinematography! Anybody There...? was the only film I did not see completely, but those minutes I did see were really good and very enjoyable. The worst out of the group was Insulo De La Rozoj - Freedom Is Frightening, SNOOZEFEST...

So that makes a total of 27. Like I said compared to other visitors of the festival that's NOTHING :-)

Will be seeing Patrick Watson in a couple of hours...


Karen said...

Yay! I loved Oil City Confidential too! Incredible. I had never heard of the band and I have been hooked since! Showing in Brighton on Friday, going back from dome more!

danilo said...

I basically had no idea who they were either, even though they seem to have been pretty well known around Europe. I like how they mix their rock sound with a bit of blues. I'll definitely listen to them more the next couple of days! :) And Wilko is so cool, what a funny guy